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Monday, June 23, 2014

Post Season Rosters and Schedule

Thank you all of you who joined our Party in the Park on Saturday afternoon. It was a perfect day of bright, cloudy and dry weather, free hamburger & hot dog meals, snack shack discounts, raffle prizes, kids playing all sorts of games in the field and families hanging out and visiting.

In all that we were able to announce our Post Season Teams too!

Congratulations to the following players...

Honors BB Blue

Honors BB Green

Honors SB

Kiernan M.

Jonathan D.

Elizabeth A.

Hudson C.

Max D.

Heaven E.

Grace O.

Casper E.

Emma K.

Tucker R.

Jeremy F.

Emma B.

Jaxson T.

Caleb F.

Flannery G.

Calvin T.

Terence H.

Naomi L.

Emmet T.

Jordan L.

Eden G.

Liam T.

Isaiah M.

Clementine M.

Graham S.

Ari M.

Makayla P.

Lucas S-H.

Thomas O.

Maggie L.

George P.

Sophia G.

Alice S.

9/10 BB

9/10 SB

11/12 BB

Finn B.

Althea L.

Reuben B.

Case C.

Mya H.

Zane B.

Rowan C-M.

Gabrielle G.

Cade D.

Samuel C.

Audree B.

Charlie H.

Will H.

Claire W.

Mason H.

Tommy H.

Alisha S.

Charlie H.

Ben J.

Emma L.

Sean L.

Elijah K.

Natalie B.

Presley L.

Aidan O.

Willow M.

Parker P.

Finbar O.

Kelsey S.

Jaden R.

Jake S.

Olivia R.

Samuel S.

Quinn S.

Devin G.

Noah W.

Aaron W.

Ailee P.

Jackson W.

Matilda Z.

50/70 BB

10/11 SB w/ Lents & TV

Jonah P.

Josephine K.

Ethan B.

Holden G.

JrSB w/ Lents & TV

Ryan J.

McKenzie G.

Sam B.

Khai D.

JrSB w/ Centennial

Louis S.

Alyna N.

Ryan K.

Risa B.

Coleman N.

Sutherland C.

Aaron M.

Ezra R.

Daniel M.

We are holding a Parent Meeting for the parents of these players on Tuesday, June 17th from 6-8pm at the Meals on Wheels People Center at 3925 SE Milwaukie Avenue. There will be a parent discussion at 7pm to give you more information about how the tournaments work and what to expect.

Parents of All Star players, please bring the required paperwork before or stay after the 7pm meeting. Please bring: Birth Certificate, 3 Proof of Residence (ODL, Car or Health Insurance and one (1) Utility Bill (all showing your name, address and effective date between Feb. 1, 2013-Feb. 1, 2014) and be prepared to complete another Medical Release form including Tetanus Shot date. If you live outside our league boundary but your player attends a school within our boundary, please bring a school document that shows the name, address of the student and the school from either Fall or Winter quarters.

Honors Team players do not need to show this documentation but, please join us for the 7pm meeting only.

The game dates & locations are tentatively set and listed below. Please go out to the park and cheer on SE Portland LL! Don't forget to wear your Spirit Gear. If you don't have enough, there is still time before the June 17th deadline to order Spirit Gear in our league colors of Blue & Green. Follow this link at Bashors to place your order: https://bashors.tuosystems.com/stores/sepll14

Honors BB & SB-Gresham LL
June 20-23rd

9/10 BB-Mt. Hood LL
June 24-July 3rd

50/70 BB-Reynolds LL
June 26-July 3rd

10/11 SB-Centennial LL
June 28-July 2nd

Junior SB-Centennial LL
July 3-July 8th

9/10 SB-Centennial LL
July 5-July 9th

11/12 BB-Clackamas LL
July 7-July 12th

Thank you for a great season and we will keep everyone posted as to how our Post Season teams are doing in their tournaments.

See you at the Park!