Powell Little League & Portland Little League have partnered together, and are now called South East Portland Little League.
Please visit our new website www.sepll.org for further information.


When does the season begin?
The all-league meeting usually occurs in mid-March, with team coaches scheduling their own practices shortly after.  Games typically begin around the first week of April and continue through mid June.

When do we get a schedule?
Late March/early April.

How many games will we play?  What days?
This will vary depending on the division, but typically there are about 2 games per week.  Most weeks will have 1 weekend game and another game during the week in the early evening.

Where are the games?
All T-Ball games take place at Sunnyside Elementary.  Farm ball games are at Kenilworth.  Minors and Majors baseball play most often at Brooklyn Field and Essex field, but may also have some inter-division games with nearby neighborhoods, such as Mt Tabor & Lents.  Softball games are held at Sewallcrest Park.

How often do we practice?
Each coach is responsible for scheduling their own practices so schedules will vary.  Most teams will practice 1-2 times per week (except t-ball, which typically has much fewer).