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Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank you Alpenrose

An Awesome Alpenrose Day!

It was dry, it was sunny, it was windy, it was cloudy, it was a great day at Alpenrose!

Win or Lose, teams had a fun time and kids were thrilled to play on wonderful fields. Honestly, I think the parents were a little jealous they didn't get to play out there. 

We are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to play at Alpenrose free of charge and all we have to do is prep our fields, supply our own volunteers and clean up after ourselves...no problem, it takes a village!

Join me for a round of applause and HUGE THANK YOUs...

To the Alpenrose Dairy Family for having Powell LL. We look forward to next year!

To the Powell Board for creating a wonderful day and doing everything you do behind the scene! A special shot out to: Josha, our Coordinator and making sure we were doing what we are supposed to and coordinating the clean up at all the fields; Matt, for scheduling games so everyone could have a great experience; Adam L., for scheduling umpires so it was all official; Keith & crew for prepping the fields, at least you didn't have to mow and Julie for scheduling concession volunteers so our families could have that experience too.

To all those who worked in concessions--what a treat! We haven't heard how much we get of the cut, but we heard we get 25% of the busiest day of the season thus far!

To all those who umpired games (parents & coaches) before or after or maybe much earlier or much later than your kids' game. Without you the experience of playing on beautiful fields would not be as memorable.

To all our managers & coaches for bringing your teams and their families, for prepping the fields so your team can enjoy a game on a beautiful field and to the kids for good sportsmanship on the field and from a real dugout!

To all the families and friends of Powell for supporting the league by buying 50/50 Raffle tickets. We raised $250 today, mostly sold by Della Cosloy and her friends, thank you ladies you Rock! The winner of $125....Sam Cosloy! I swear it was not rigged--Della didn't get to pull the ticket!

To those handful of folks who bought our Powell LL green t-shirts! These shirts are a great way to show your Powell spirit! We have more to sell so let us know if you want one.

If you have photos from the day you could share with us, please send them our way so we can post them on our BlogSpot for all to see.

I'm tired from a full day, but happy to have had a full day! Thank you Powell Community!

See you at the park!